Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who's your sHero?

Posted by Mona

The sky is blue and I'm happy! Talking to a friend of mine today I had the chance to share a little about one of my sHeros. I admire Maya Angelo for so many reasons, her talent, her honesty about her life, but most of all her commitment to not speak hateful! She said in an interview she considers hateful speech, "little murders" and won't even allow people to speak hateful in her presence.

This made me think of a couple of questions, who is your sHero? What won't you allow in your presence?

I have several people I look up to, Oprah, Maya to name a couple, but the unsung sHeros gets most of my affection. Caregivers in hospice, Sunday school teachers, especially when only one or two kids show up, any teacher, but my mom & daughter are at the top of my list! I honestly don’t know how my mom raised three small children, survived boarding school and the Indian Relocation Act of the 50’s, the loss of her husband and many friends, a grandchild with cancer, and so much more! Yet she is so full of life, so happy and faces life head on! My daughter, well, what can I say, she is smart, strong, fights for the underdog, beautiful, and is a peacemaker. She sees the good in everyone but often overlooks it in herself. I am the most fortunate mother on earth. And to top it off she has given me the best gifts in life, my two wonderful grandchildren!

What I won’t allow in my presence? Someone to die alone if I can help it, someone to sit in a hospital waiting room alone, and on a happy note, a girlfriend shopping alone on Black Friday

Please share your sHero & what you won’t allow in your presence story.

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