Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Susan's response to our request

Hello Theryn
I am certainly very interested. It seems like an extremely important space.
I have a couple of questions I'd like to pose to the group.

From: Theryn KigvamasudVashti [mailto:therynkmv@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sat 5/29/2010 3:48 PM
To: Susan Harewood
Subject: UWB Women of Color

Hello Susan,

Amanda, Phoebe, Priya, and myself have formed "The Graduate Women Of Color Collective" and we need a faculty advisor and of course we thought of you. We understand that you may be exhausted and we promise not to bother you too much but we need your ok sometime before Thursday.

This collaboration is born out of two different necessities. First, graduate women of color need a space to build community across disciplines that is safe and supportive that facilitates critical discourses that are not happening in the class room. Our goal is to create a place other women of color can come into and build on as they see fit during their tenure in their respective programs. We would love to give you more about it in person (hence, Amanda attempts to reach you) but in the meantime please check our our blog, our most public venue, at uwbwomenofcolor.blogspot.com

Deeply appreciate your consideration!

Theryn, et al

Note: Mona was not included in this email as an error on the part of the ladies present at the (very long) meeting-- sorry Mona!!!

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