Monday, May 31, 2010

Meeting Notes

Posted by Mandy and Priya

This meeting was held on Saturday, May 29, 2010 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Seattle, Washington

  • Debrief From Tuesday
  • Collabing with main campus/other UWB programs such as MAPS
  • End of vear- video and potluck (next year)
  • Website/discussion board
  • Open-blog, group closed
  • Becoming a club- “undermining our street cred”
  • Goals
  • Blog
Ideas to Reflect Upon:
  1. Why is it that the pain of people of color is looked at in certain ways- when our bodies are in that space, how we are viewed, and how that is looked at and put on display?
  2. The separation of issues- disconnect between what the dominant culture recognizes as oppression through the readings, but not connecting it with the real world, therefore the problem is about “us” without any accountability to their own action.
Official Club Status:
  1. Email S. to ask to become our advisor.
  2. Recognizing the problem of “official-izing,” losing our street cred as an organization for radical women of color—but buying into the model for now to better reach young women of color—becoming known
  3. Submitting origin story versus constitution—if that fails, then submit constitution—trying to undermine the process.
  1. Creating a space on the UWB campus that allows female graduate students of color to network.
  2. Creating a graduate-undergraduate mentorship program
  3. Discuss current issues that graduate students of color, particularly women of color, face in the academia
  4. Sharing different growing experiences
  5. Solidarity
  6. Recognizes ways in which oppression manifests within the classroom
  7. Safe space
  8. Having an outlet to share those experience and gain further insight- get advice for dealing with such issues from peers/mentors
  9. Collaborate between programs and among campuses
Process for Becoming a Known Collaborative Space on Campus:
  1. Became an “official” club--list of goals, mission, partnerships, course of action, faculty advisor, status as a club
  2. Send information to programs for inclusion in newsletters for fall
  3. Pick date of first event- welcoming new grad students of color- Friday Oct 8- doing it on campus for space- happy hour
  4. Promotions:
  • Send announcement to ASUWB president
  • Graduate programs ie send to Leslie equivalent
  • UW Diversity and Recruiting
To Do:
  • Blog article
  • Origin story
  • Class assignment, who did what—participants list
  • Meeting times, dates

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