Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Constitution for Club Status- Rough Draft

Posted by Mandy

So, apparently we need a "constitution" in order to get "official" club status and money: http://www.bothell.washington.edu/studentlife/studentorganizations/studentorganizations-steps/constitution. Really lame requirements, so I kinda put together a sassy "no, we ain't buying into your method of governance" constitution.

Please comment! Say, "really, you think they gonna fund you with sass like that?" Particularly in light of the readings this week for BCULST 502 (most came from INCITE!).

Also, we need a name. All the naming we've done for this group so far can easily be changed. Cheers!


Article I: The official name of this campus organization shall be the University of Washington Bothell Graduate Women of Color Collective (GWoCC). This group shall be affiliated with the Women of Color Collective (WoCC) on the UW Seattle campus.

Article 2: The purpose of this organization is to create a space both online and on-campus for community building and a sense of belonging among graduate women of color. The women in this collective will furthermore act as a support network and group within which to speak of issues pertaining to being a woman of color in the academia, and will purposefully seek to act as mentors for undergraduate women of color considering graduate school.

Article 3: Membership in this organization will be limited to current graduate women of color, though further collaboration will be actively sought to include graduate men of color, undergraduate women of color, and other women graduate students.

Article 4: As an egalitarian organization, no hierarchical system of governance shall be put in place. The founding members will take responsibility for organizing events and furthering the organization’s cause throughout the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years.

Article 5: See Article 4 for information pertaining to practices of governance suggested but refused as per the mission of this organization.

Article 6: Due to the both internet-based and in-person nature of this collective, regular meetings will not be scheduled. The group shall attempt to meet in-person at least once a month, but expects that these meetings will become more frequent in Fall 2010. Any member may call a meeting and there is no minimum for number of students who need be involved.

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